December still has five days left for the month and yes the year to end but in 26 days of the month, December had collected stamp duty revenue which is highest in this financial year.

By Varun Singh

Stamp duty revenue is one off the biggest source of revenue for the state government.

A small dip in the stamp duty collection makes a huge noise. So why won’t a huge rise make a big one.

Mumbai city is one of the biggest contributor for the stamp duty revenue and here we are specifically talking about Mumbai figures.

But before we speak about December collections in the 26 days, let’s see how the other months of the FY 2021-22 performed.

In November month that total sales registered with the registration department stood at 7,582 generating a revenue or ₹549 crore.

In October Mumbai witnessed a sales of 8,576 units, generating ₹550 crore.

Where as in September the number of sales in Mumbai was 7,804 units which generated ₹529 crore.

In August sales stood at 6,784 unit and revenue generated was ₹420 crore.

In July ₹566 crore was generated with registration of 9,822 units.

In June it was 7,856 units that was registered and revenue generated was ₹420 crore.

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In May the number was the lowest up till now, it stood at 5,360 units generating a revenue of ₹268 crore.

April saw the highest number of sales this financial year up till now the figure stood at 10,135 units being registered generating a revenue of ₹514 crore.

In May only 5,360 units were registered whereas in the 21 days of December till late evening 6124 units were registered in Mumbai.

In these 26 days of December Mumbai generated a revenue of ₹600 crore, which is higher than the revenue collected in any of the months of the FY 2021-22.

In the 26 days of December Mumbai saw a total of 7,707 units being registered which is higher than November.

Shravan Hardikar, the Inspector General of Registration had told this journalist that in December he was expecting a good result too.

Mumbai realty is expected to end the year 2021 on a high note and these numbers are a proof.

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