MahaRERA now will provide homebuyers with the virtual link for hearing of the complaints. As many complainants had complained to MahaRERA.

By Varun Singh

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA), hears complaints filed by homebuyers as well as those filed by developers.

Under section 31 of the of the RERA act, any aggrieved person may file a complaint with the authority or the adjudicating officer, as the case may be for any violation or contravention of the provisions of the Act or the Rules and Regulation made thereunder against any promoters, allottee or real estate agent as the case may be.

Under section 56 of the RERA Act it enable the complainant to appear and plead his/her case in person or authorize one or more chartered accountant or company secretaries or cost accountants or legal practitioners or any of its officers (authorized representatives) to present the case before the authority or the adjudicating officer.

The authorized representative appearing on behalf of any person in any proceeding before thea uthority shall file a memorandum of authorization.

MahaRERA claims that it has received several inputs from stakeholders and experience over the years it has noticed that in the present system of filing online complaints, the authorized representatives of the complainants while writing the complaints, give their personal user name/login id/email id, resulting in complainant not having any access to their complaints as well as not having any information about the status of their complaints, unless such access/information is passed on to them by their authorized representatives.

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This on numerous occasion results in complainants requesting MahaRERA to permit them to change the login id and password of their complaints, creating serious administrative issues.

MahaRERA while issuing a circular on March 28, 2022, stated that this issue doesn’t arise, MahaRERA has implemented a new version for filing online complaints.

The new modified version, shall now ask the complainants, while creating a new registration for Complaint name, middle name and his last name. Further the complaint will also have to provide complainant mobile number and email id in addition to such other details. IT shall be noted that once the above mentioned data is entered, the system shall freeze and lock the said data which shall then be automatically captured as complainants proceed further to create their respective profile as well as while writing complaints.

Further in the new modified version an exclusive field has been created namely advocate contact details if any wherein while writing/filing complaints, the details of the authorized representatives representing the complainants are required to be filed such a their name, mobile no and email address, This field further enables complainants to attach and upload the Vakalatnama/Memroandum of Authorization issued in favour of the authorized representatives.

So the circular states, that the email intimating to the complainants the date of hearing of the complaints as well as the link for virtual hearing fo the complaints shall be generated and sent to the complainants as well as to their authorized representatives under the new modified version.

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