Your Home is also the Residence of the Goddess

home is the place of goddess
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By Jayesh Rathod

The Sanatan Dharma is one of the few religions in the world that focuses on making the journey inwards to achieve the goal of Moksha (liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth). The other peculiarity of Sanatanis is the belief in the incarnation of God or Avatar. This gives us the hope that although outwardly it seems that the world is self-regulated and they are at the mercy of chance or random events, it is still in control of God. It also signifies that God keeps an eye upon his creation and ensures its order and regularity by resolving the conflicts about who must rule, how one must rule, how to deal when the resources are exploited. The Avatars also walk away when no one adheres to dharma and dissolve the universe and start all over again. This tapestry is held together by the threads of dharma, which time and again compels the infinite to appear as finite (avatar) and establish the code of dharma.

All these Avatars have descended to save their Bhudevi (the goddess representing the earth). She is their shakti-source of strength, she is their Vaibhav- source of wealth, she is their Aishwarya- source of luxury & comfort; without her, Narayan himself is called Daridra-Narayan. While this goes for the divine, but for humans she embodies herself in various forms, the form I wish to discuss on this auspicious day of Krishna janmashtami is “property, your home”. Although Vaastu is predominantly seen as a Purusha, who resides diagonally along the northeast (head) to southwest (feet), He (your home) is constructed on the Prakriti, which is Devi. This Devi often embodies various parts of your home, let’s see a few:

Umbartha or Doorstep: Your home is your ultimate source, be it after winning a battle or a new business contract, we want to be at home and your doorstep is the demarcation line that separates your home with the outside world. The same Umbartha is the place where “Adi Lakshmi” resides with its divine power to support a seeker to reach at their source i.e. ‘atman’ or consciousness. Once you are inside this Umbartha, you feel safe and protected, because you are within your territory.

Living Area: This is a place where the family gets together or where you host your guests. This is the area in your home where most of the conversations or events take place; this is the area where most of the decisions about your life, family or careers are made. This area holds the energy to push you forward as this is the area where ideas are shared, conversations are exchanged. This is the area where “Veera or Dhariya Lakshmi” resides who gives you the courage to overcome the difficulties in life.

Kitchen: The kitchen is a place where Dhanya Lakshmi resides who gives you the ability to consume or to indulge. If a person possesses Dhanya Laxmi, they will have the fortune to enjoy the worldly pleasures. However, she only stays in an organized, spacious and muddle-free kitchen which has the right flow of sun and the wind to balance energy.

Bedroom: This is where Dhana Lakshmi resides in many forms, first in the form of Nidra, to provide you restful sleep to give energy to make more wealth. Coincidently this is also the place where most of our accumulated wealth is kept in the safety of the lockers. The bedroom is also the place of “Gaja Lakshmi” who gives you The Power. The other goddess that resides in the bedroom is “Santana Lakshmi” who is known for bestowing offspring.

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Temple Corner: Indians always have had a dedicated corner to offer prayers and worship; this is a place where we gather blessings; protection from the divine. I shall dedicate this corner of the home to “Vidya Lakshmi”, it is she who bestows upon us the knowledge to dispel darkness of ignorance & move in the direction of wisdom.

In a nutshell, Your Home embodies Asta Lakshmi (8 forms on Lakshmi). She is the epitome of opulence and her existence helps us achieve glorious heights. The presence of Asta Lakshmi keep us healthy (physical, mental, and social) and wealthy (money accumulated through righteous means).

However, it isn’t easy to retain her. We must keep our home not only Vastu Complaint but also clean and tidy. In order to have her unrelenting presence, we should always try to get rid of certain negative characteristics like greed, anger and laziness.

Jayesh Rathod, is Joint Director, The Guardians Real Estate Advisory, views expressed in this article belongs to Rathod.

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