Hard to believe but for this 1 home at least 27 people are aspiring to own it. Read the story to know which home is this?

By Varun Singh

This many come as a surprise, but it is 100% true.

Yes you read it right, there are at least 27 homebuyers aspiring to buy this 1 home.

You may wonder what makes this home special, and why so many homebuyers are behind this 1 home?

So let us tell you, there are not only 27 homebuyers wanting to buy this home, but there are a total 2.46 lakh aspiring homebuyers slugging it out to get homes.

The total number of home available is 8,984 homes.

Not keeping much of a surprise here’s what the truth is.

MHADA’s Konkan Board announced a lottery for 8,984 homes in August 2021.

Since then till now more than 2.46lakh homebuyers have already applied for the lottery.

The last day for registration was September 29 (11.59 pm) while for application it was September 30 (11.59 pm).

Payment of deposit (EMD) through RTGS / NEFT online as well as in the bank was accepted till 11.59 pm on October 01, 2021.

Since the start of registration, a total of 2,53,944 users came on MHADA site, of which 1,82,523 registered with MHADA.

From the total registration MHADA has received application from 2,78,226 from homebuyers wanting to buy a home.

A total of 2,46,065 applicants have paid their Earnest Money Deposit.

Now how did we reach to the number of 27 aspiring homebuyers for 1 home. So if you divide 2,46,065 with 8,984 the number comes to 27.38. Thus 27 applicants for one home.

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The program of computer lottery shall be held on the earlier decided date of October 14, 2021 at 10 am, at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagriha, near Hiranandani Meadows, Manpada, Thane (West).

The response is a mirror to the private developers who keep complaining that homebuyers are staying away from the market.

Flats in MHADA lottery are available at affordable rates and the response goes on to show that homebuyers are willing to buy homes if they aren’t available at affordable rates.

When asked homebuyer why was he so eager to get a MHADA house he said, “The prices are affordable and getting a home loan will be easier with the government tag associated with MHADA homes.”

MHADA is a government run authority and has delivered a lot of homes in the past too. Even private developers say that the trust homebuyers have for government name is huge and private enterprises lack that kind of trust.

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