Believe it or not, this has to be the highest monthly collection ever by the state government via registration. In March 2021 revenue generated by registration stood at 9K crore, compared to the 11k crore in entire year of 2020.

By Varun Singh

Within a month the state government earned almost similar amount that it earns in a year from registration of sales.

According to data accessed by SquareFeatIndia the state government in the month of March 2021, collected Rs 9,066 crore from registration of properties. The data is for entire state.

This is the highest ever revenue generated by the state government in a month via registration.

The revenue generated in March 2021 can put the entire 2020 year to shame. In 2020 for the 12 month the state government generated a revenue of Rs 11,682 crore.

MonthNumber of SalesRevenue Generated
Jan 20201,16,646Rs 1,602 crore
Feb 20201,08,025Rs 1,519 crore
Mar 202085,068Rs 1,103 crore
Apr 2020796Rs 3 crore
May 202030,365Rs 175 crore
Jun 202081,343Rs 728 crore
Jul 202077,657Rs 798 crore
Aug 202082,102Rs 815 crore
Sep 20201,19,852Rs 763 crore
Oct 20201,30,965Rs 931 crore
Nov 20201,37,842Rs 1,026 crore
Dec 20202,56,159Rs 2,213 crore
Sales and Revenue Generated in the year 2020 stood at total of Rs 11,682 crore.

In March the biggest draw for homebuyers and developers to register was the end of the discount on stamp duty.

The state government in August 2020 came out with a stamp duty cut. This stamp duty cut for the period of September 2020 till December 2020 was 3%. Between January 2021 till March 2021 it was 2%.

The March 2021 collection even overshadowed the December 2020 collection when the biggest stamp duty cut came to an end.

In December 2020, the revenue generated stood at Rs 2,213 crore, which is the highest in the year 2020. But it looks timid in front of March 2021 when the state generated almost five times more than December 2020.

March 2021 was the only March since 2013 which generated such high revenue for the state government.

Month-YearNumber of SalesRevenue Generates
Mar 20212,13,413Rs 9,066 crore
Mar 202085,068Rs 1,103 crore
Mar 20191,27,445Rs 1,868 crore
Mar 20181,38,650Rs 2,038 crore
Mar 20171,25,576Rs 1,546 crore
Mar 20161,26,766Rs 1,475 crore
Mar 20151,17,443Rs 1,222 crore
Mar 20141,20,748Rs 1,069 crore
Mar 20131,40,359Rs 1,426 crore
March 2021 saw the highest revenue generation in a month since 2013.

From April 2021 the state government brought in force the earlier stamp duty rates. Except for women homebuyer who during registration will get a 1% discount.

In April 2021 the state government generated a revenue of Rs 1,256 crore which is almost eight times less than. March 2021.

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