Omkar Realtors has sold Rs 131 crore worth nine flats located in its Worli project Omkar 1973 on a single day to one buyer.

By Varun Singh

Omkar Realtors on March 28, 2021 registered the sale of a total nine flats worth Rs 131 crore.

All the flats were sold to a single buyer and that too on the same day.

All these flats are located in the A and B wings of Omkar 1973 located in Worli.

The combined value of the nine flats sold by Omkar Realtors stands at Rs 130.99 crore.

The buyer of all the flats is Mirandum Realtors Ltd, another real estate related company.

A source close to the deal said, “The documentation in regards to the deals were carried out on December 30, 2020 when the stamp duty was 2%.”

The total area of the nine flats measure 2,968.43 square meters, which translates into 31,952 square feet.

Along with the flats, the buyer company will also have access to 25 car parks in the building.

Details Of The Nine Flats

Flat No.Floor NoWingArea (sq mts)Price (RS)
320432B287.11Rs 12.67 Crore
610261A221.96Rs 9.86 Crore
350335B372.36Rs 16.49 Crore
380238A219.78Rs 9.77 Crore
450145B578.51Rs 25.53 Crore
680168A274.69Rs 12.28 Crore
390139A271.93 Rs 12.16 Crore
380338B372.36Rs 16.49 Crore
300330B369.73Rs 15.70 Crore
Total= 9 Flats2968Rs 130.99 Crore
Detail of the flats.

Omkar Realtors refused to comment on the deal. The company has been in news off late for various reasons.

The chairman and the managing director of the company are arrested and a chargesheet already has been filed by the Enforcement Directorate.

Earlier another deal related to the same project had made news when, a top firm had sold for Rs 6.14 crore that it had bought for Rs 9.6 crore only nine months ago.

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