Parking is a major issue when it comes to a city like Mumbai. Recently when a homebuyer approached MahaRERA with parking issue, the authority asked the developer to shift the wall causing problem.

By Varun Singh

Mumbai city has lots of cars and the major problem that the city is facing today is that of car parking.

Everyday one can see many cars parked on the street causing problems for the movement of the traffic.

To get rid of these issues, when a homebuyer goes for a home purchase, he purposely asks for a car park.

Even willingly pays for a covered car parking space, if available in the project.

So when homebuyer Sanjay Lathi bought an apartment in Kalptaru Serenity he also bought a covered vehicle parking space.

He bought the apartment in the D wing of the project, while the car park allotted to him was in C Wing.

Lathi claimed that the car park space was far from his residence which is not convenient.

He further claimed that the car parking space is not wide enough to park the car and come out of it.

The homebuyer asked MahaRERA to direct the builder to allot him a different car park and that too in D wing.

The developer informed MahaRERA that there was no car park space for allotting to the homebuyer and hence an attempt was made to find a practical solution to the problem.

Via a photograph, uploaded by the homebuyer, MahaRERA member B D Kapadnis, noted that, after parking the car, it becomes impossible to open the door and come out.

After the matter was discussed it was revealed that, if the wall between two car parks is shifted then the problem can be solved.

The report of structural engineer was sought, which stated that, this wall was a partition wall and does not carry any load structural load of RCC.

The removal of such structure won’t have any adverse effect on the structure if removed with precautions.

Kapadnis stated that if the width is increased the parking issue can be resolved.

Kapadnis ordered the builder to shift/relocate the wall in such a way that the homebuyer can use the parking conveniently.

The developer was asked to pay Rs 20,000 to the homebuyer towards cost of the complaint.

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