This is one of the benefits that a construction worker registered with the Labour board in Mumbai and the state gets.

By Varun Singh

On Tuesday, CREDAI-MCHI’s Women’s wing had organised a programmed for the construction workers of its members.

At this program Former Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Shri. S. C. Srirangam of Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board was the Chief Guest. Nilambari Bhosale, Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Rajashri Patil, Assistant Labour Commissioner (City) were the Guest of Honor.

Srirangam said, that there are thousands of housing construction sites in Mumbai and MMR division, employing 2 to 2.5 lakh workers, but the number of registered workers is only approximately thirty thousand and this number needs to be increased.

Actually when Nilambari Bhosale spoke the main reason why these workers should get registered came out. There are multiple benefits that these construction workers can avail of. From education of their children to medical facilities.

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Here are the various welfare schemes that a construction worker can avail once he registers with the state government’s labour commission.

I: Social Security
Reimbursement of Rs.30,000/ for first marriage Expenses
Midday Meal Scheme
Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maaan-dhan Scheme
Assistance of Rs 5000/ for purchase of Tools
Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Vima Yojna
Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Vima Yojna
Recognition of Prior Learning Training
Providing Safety Kit
Providing Essential Kit

II: Education: All the benefits under this head are applicable only for 1st two children of registered construction workers.
1.1st class to 7th standard students Rs 2500/year
8th class to 10th standard students Rs 5000/year (75% 0r more attendance compulsory)
2.10 to 12 class students Rs.10,000/year (for securing 50% or more percentage)

  1. 11 to 12 class students Rs.10,000/year
  2. For degree course Rs.20,000/year (also applicable for wife of registered construction worker)
  3. Medical Degree Rs 100000/-
    Engineering Degree Rs.60,000/- (applicable for wife also)
  4. Diploma course Rs 20,000/year
    Post-Graduation Diploma Course Rs 25,000/year (Government approved courses only)
  5. Reimbursement of MSCIT course

III: Health Care
1.Normal Delivery Rs. 15,000/-
Surgical Delivery Rs.20,000/-

  1. For Treatment of critical illness of Rs.100000/- for registered construction workers and his/her family members.
  2. Fixed Deposit of Rs.100000/-till girl child attend her age of 18 ( has to go contraceptive surgery after birth of 1st girl child)
    4.75& 0r permanent disability of Rs.200000/-
  3. Mahatma Jyotibai Phule Jan Arogya Yojna
  4. Health Check-up
    1.Accidental death during during course of work at the construction site Rs.500000/-(to the legal heir)
  5. Financial Assistance for Natural Death Rs.200000/-
  6. Atal Bandkam Kamgar Yojna (Urban)
    4.Atal Bandkam Kamgar Yojna (Rural)
  7. Funeral Assistance (Rs.10.000a/)
    6.Assistance of Rs.24000/yr for widow or widower of registered construction worker for 5 years.
    7.Rs.600000/ for Home Loan from bank for purchase of house or Rs.200000/- grant

Developers pay a 1 per cent cess for workers to avail these welfare services from the Government.

The construction worker who wishes to register needs to provide a certificate from the contractor he’s working with a 90 day working certificate for the year.

Now the department has even made the filing of the registration form online, enabling the construction workers to register online.

Some of the construction workers were provided with the registration ID on Tuesday at the event.

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