Developer of the building that collapsed partially in Mumbai was issued a show cause notice by MHADA as recent as October 2019. Yet no action was taken by the developer to redevelop the building.

By Varun Singh

On Thursday, portion of Mishra Mansion came crashing down killing two and injuring one in South Mumbai’s Shuklaji street.

According to Chief Officer of Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board, Arun Dongare, the developer was issued a show cause notice as recent as October 2019 for delay in redevelopment of the building.

No Objection Certificate to carry out redevelopment in 2017 was issued to Sirsiwala builders said MHADA officer, Arun Borase.

The redevelopment according to Arun Borase comprised of two building, Mishra Mansion and the adjacent building Abdul Rehman building. Both the building comprised of 111 tenants as on date of the NOC.

Local MLA, Amin Patel, who visited the spot, says that even he had written to MHADA to revoke the NOC granted to developer as he had failed to start the redevelopment.

Dongare says that some repair work was being carried out by the developer in the building on Thursday.

Patel says that the toilet potion of the building collapsed on the home of an adjacent chawl thus killing two and injuring one.

There are close to 14,000 cessed dilapidated buildings in South Mumbai they need an urgent redevelopment.

Earlier this month, the state government’s cabinet under CM Uddhav Thackeray passed a decision to amend the MHADA act. 

This amendment will allow MHADA to take over those projects which are stuck or couldn’t start.

MHADA has been assigned the responsibility that it will complete these projects within three years of the date of Commencement Certificate.

Meanwhile, the fresh demand that has cropped up is that an ordinance be passed and all those building where redevelopment is stuck be taken over by MHADA. Patel says the government should pass an ordinance and act fast and allow MHADA to take over stuck projects and complete them.

Meanwhile, Patel also says that the tenants of the building were upset with the developer and are going ahead with available legal recourse against him.

Only in July a building in Mumbai’s Fort area collapsed killing 10 residents.

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