Disputed properties of which legal heirs haven’t yet decided who will be the owner now will have the name of BDD, Director on it, till Dispute is settled.

By Varun Singh

Finally the government of Maharashtra has shown some spine.

The government recently came out with a government resolution which talks about BDD chawl Redevelopment.

The GR dated October 14, has spoken exhaustively about disputed properties in the chawls of BDD.

There are many disputed properties where the original tenant of the tenement in BDD chawl had died and the legal heirs where in dispute.

According to the GR, MHADA had raised this issue several times after which the government had to take a decision.

There is a fight on several properties between the legal heirs post the demise of the original tenant.

The GR states that in most cases the legal heirs that are disputing do not cooperate because of which transferring the property in one person’s name becomes an issue.

The government of Maharashtra has undertaken the redevelopment of BDD chawl across three important locations in Mumbai city.

These locations are Naigaon, NM Joshi Marg, and Worli.

Private corporate contractors have been appointed for the redevelopment of these BDD chawl.

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Paying heed to the demand of Mhada the government has now clearly stated that the disputed property will be transferred in the name of the director of BDD.

This transfer will be till the time the dispute is settled and a clear legal heir is declared for the property in dispute.

While the property in dispute is being transferred in the name of director, BDD the names of the original tenant and the legal heirs shall be mentioned too.

This will mean that till the time the property dispute isn’t settled the legal heirs will not be able to occupy the disputed property.

Square feat India’s take:
This decision is a welcome step when it comes to redevelopment projects this should be implemented in other projects too, as property disputes issue delays the property redevelopment. This will make the disputing parties come together and solve the issues at the earliest and will enable the redevelopment.

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