MahaRERA Has Passed Order In 749 Complaints Against Un-registered Projects Of The 755 Complaints It Received

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MahaRERA has passed an order in 749 complaints against un-registered projects of the total 755 complaints it has received.

By Varun Singh

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has already passed an order in 749 complaints it has received against un-registered projects.

Data available form MahaRERA reveals that the authority has received a total of 755 complaints against un-registered project.

Statistics accessed by SquareFeatIndia show that as of today (December 18, 2020) only 6 complaints against un-registered projects are pending with MahaRERA.

In the rest of the cases an order has been passed by MahaRERA in regards to un-registered projects.

Anyone who feels, a particular real estate project, ought to have been registered under MahaRERA, but is not registered, can give the authority an information about such projects on the link available on the authority’s website.

The person given information can check HERE to find whether the project is already registered. If one finds the project has been registered, then they need not provide information.

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If they do not find the project as registered they should give as much information as possible, to enable the authority to locate the project, call the promoter and investigate as why he has not registered.

In cases of registered projects the authority has received a total of 12079 complaints. Of which MahaRERA has passed 8063 orders against registered projects.

In total the authority has received 12,834 complaints and 8812 orders has been passed. This includes complaints against both registered as well as un-registered projects.

The other important aspect of the authority is the conciliation forum. Even here the authority has managed to do a good job.

Of the total 717 conciliation received with consent from both parties, 597 conciliation has been completed. While, in 120 cases the conciliation is in process.

The authority has till date received 27686 application for registration of projects. Of this, it has granted registration to 27449 project, whereas 6338 projects are completed.

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