Here’s an important update in terms of real estate for the Navi Mumbai International Airport. This will help the construction industry.

By Varun Singh

This piece will be giving you an insight on an important update related to the Navi Mumbai International Airport,

Because if this new update, developmemt permission process for plots will get accelerated in the Navi Mumbai Airport Rehabilitation area.

CIDCO had obtained a blanket NOC from the Airport Authority of India regarding permissible heights for the building in the rehabilitation area (R&R) in the year 2015. The validity of said NOC has been lapsed in the year 2020. Therefore, the applicants seeking development permissions and occupancy certificates have to approach individually to Airport Authority of India for getting these NOCs.

To mitigate this issue, Management of CIDCO have pursued with the Airport Authority of India and thereby succeeded in getting extension in validity of these blanket NOCs. 5 out of the 6 blanket NOCs {Sector-1 (Vadghar), Sector 24 (Vahal 1), Sector 25 (Vahal 2), Sector 25A (Vahal 3), Pushpak Nagar} are extended till January to March 2024. Efforts are being taken to extend the validity of remaining NOCs for the R-1 to R-5 (Vadghar 1) area. The Corporation is following up in the matter. The extension to this balance NOC is expected to be granted soon.

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“In view of CIDCO’s continuous efforts and understanding of the problems of the project affected people, No Objection Certificates were revalidated by the Airports Authority of India for 5 out of 6 pockets. This important decision will accelerate the development of the airport rehabilitation and resettlement area,” said Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, CIDCO.

After the extension was granted, in the month of October – November 2021, CIDCO has granted 7 development permissions and issued 34 Occupancy Certificates in R&R pockets.

As per notification of UDD in GoM No, TPS 1818/CR-238/18/Sec 37(1AA)/UD-13, dated 02/12/2020 the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations (UDCPRs) are applicable for CIDCO area. The request of VC&MD, CIDCO, to permit row housing and semi-detached type development in the plots having area upto 450 Sq.M. in R&R pockets per erstwhile Regulations of CIDCO was considered by the UDD in GoM.

Thereby, the plots allotted to PAPs in R&R pockets having area up to 450 Sq.M. can be developed in semidetached and row house type pattern, with permissible FSI of 1.5, within height of 13m (excluding the height of STILT floors for parking). Also, the proposals wherein NOC for additional FSI as per UDCPRs has been issued by Estate Department of CIDCO are permitted to be developed with higher FSI.

Above efforts of CIDCO have paved the way for faster grant of development permissions in R&R area.

However, a general perception is being created that CIDCO has stopped granting development permissions. It is hereby appealed not to pay attention to any rumors and submit proposals of development permissions with required documents, so that the same can be processed at the earliest.

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