Mumbai’s last MHADA lottery was in 2019, will 2021 have one?

MHADA puts close to 9,000 affordable homes on sale
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Read it right, the last MHADA lottery for Mumbai was held in 2019, and that too for 217 homes. MHADA lottery in a city like Mumbai is the only hope for most homebuyers to afford a home, will there be a lottery this year, read to know the answer.

By Varun Singh

MHADA lottery is the only way many in Mumbai who cannot afford the expensive real estate can afford a home. However, sadly since 2019, there has been no lottery and many homebuyers are waiting for it.

YearNos. of Homes
MHADA’s homes have been decreasing over the years.

MHADA’s Mumbai Board is responsible for holding a lottery of homes for the city of Mumbai. However, it hasn’t been able to do so since 2019, while 2020 was marred with the COVID-19 le pandemic, homebuyers are eagerly waiting for a lottery in 2021.

No lottery is not the only worry, the other worry is the decreasing number of homes too. Mumbai lottery held in 2009 had 3,763 homes, which came down to 867 homes in 2012, and in 2019 it was merely 217 homes.

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Mumbai’s real estate is expensive and not all can afford it, but everyone does want to have a piece of Mumbai. So what does the common man do? A common ma eagerly awaits for MHADA lottery, which gives an opportunity to the homebuyer to afford a home in the city.

But is there a silver lining with all this depressing news, of no lottery for almost one and half years and also the decreasing home numbers?

The homebuyers can find comfort in this, we asked the question of whether Mumbai will have a lottery this year, Chief Officer of Mumbai Board, Yogesh Mhase, “We are trying our best.”

The entire Mumbai right now is hoping and praying that Mhase’s attempt succeeds and there’s a lottery. MHADA has a lot of land in Mumbai on which old buildings stand and by carrying out their redevelopment, MHADA will be able to have homes that it can offer in the lottery.

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