The mystery behind the viral 2.25BHK and 2.75BHK billboard is solved. SquareFeatIndia’s Varun Singh spoke to the developer who came up with this concept.

By Varun Singh

For the last few days, a picture has gone viral on social media. It is of a billboard that shows a plus 0.25BHK homes.

The tweet on the social media platform gained a lot of traction, with some being sarcastic, while a few terming the concept of 2.25BHK and 2.75BHK a gimmick.

SquareFeatIndia’s Varun Singh spoke with Vishal Agarwal of Kirsala Developers who came up with this concept to understand the mystery behind this.

The viral tweet, the image was first posted by Vishal Bhargava

According to Agarwal, there’s no mystery behind the 2.25BHK and 2.75BHK homes that he is offering in his Pune project.

He has termed the additional 0.25 bedroom that he is offering in his project as ‘My Studio Space’. “This additional 0.25 Bedroom in the 2BHK apartment is the space that can be used for anything, With the current situation the 0.25 bedroom can be used for Work From Home or someone can convert it into a puja room,” said Agarwal.

He further claimed that in Pune, where his project is coming up many homebuyers opt for 2.5BHK so the additional 0.25BHK would make the home 2.75BHK.

“The same way 0.25 bedroom is for 2BHK it would be the same for 2.5BHK,” said Agarwal.

Actually, Krisala developers are developing a project in Pune’s Hinjewadi named 41 Cosmo. The project was launched on June 17, and in the last month, the project received a total of 270 tokens.

There are a total of 188 apartments available for sale in the project, These token are available for a refundable amount varying between Rs 41,000 to Rs 3 lakh.

The flats are allotted on a first come first serve basis to the homebuyers. Those who do not get the homes refunded the amount within 7 working days and also are then first in the queue for the next project.

Agarwal claims that he has been watching and reading the comments that people are posting on his concept of the plus 0.25BHK, but he doesn’t take them negatively. The mystery he says is that most of his homebuyers are happy with the concept and hence it’s working for him and his company.

The company was launched around 12 years ago by Agarwal’s eldest brother Sagar then his other brother Aakash and he joined the company.

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