#NotMyPride Trends After Mumbai Gay Pride.

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By Varun Singh

#NotMyPride was the hashtag that many members of the LGBTQ+ community shared on their Facebook and WhatsApp group after attending the Gay Pride Parade on Saturday.

The pride parade ran into controversy this year, after Mumbai Police denied permission for the parade at August Kranti Maidan. The official reason cited was the police feared anti government and anti CAA sloganeering at the pride site.

Many were upset because at the pride gathering at Azad Maidan, there were alleged slogans made in support of Sharjeel Imam. A video also went viral on Twitter, post which, #NotMyPride hashtag went viral on Facebook and other social media and messaging apps.

Many from the organizing team, who later on sat at a nearby club to have a cup of tea after a tiring day, also appeared upset. They were upset, because of the use of the platform of Queer Azaadi for purposes not related to the Pride parade.

“It was a moment of celebration for us, and we are really upset that our first venue was taken away, because of the fear that we will digress from LGBTQ celebration to anti-CAA protest. However, that did happen and at the Azad Maidan gathering too, we witnessed some shouting slogans in favour of Sharjeel Imam. How can we support those who want India to be divided,” said a senior member of the community.

Not all’s well with the politics of the LGBT community. The community also fears that certain political elements with agenda have entered the community and even are using the platform.

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An upset post by one of the attendees at the Mumbai Pride on Saturday.

Many vowed not to attend the parade again. A member the community who attended the parade later on said, “Pride is for LGBTQ rights, not for sloganeering about agenda not meant to be at the parade.

The community is also upset that the real agendas like equal rights for gay men and lesbians, marriage, inheritance, spouse benefits, which were suppose to be discussed were not. However, agenda with no direct connection with the pride and LGBT community were raised.

An angry post by after Sharjeel Imam’s slogan were raised at Mumbai Pride

Pride Parade has been a place for the LGBTQ community to come out and show to the world that they exist and are part of the society. It is to show that they are equals, not less not more. However, the unity is now in danger, because not many agree with the politics that a few are hell bent on bringing in the celebrations like pride.

One of the attendees even posted on Facebook, that, “I see pride parade being so against Hinduism, BJP, India these days, but I fail to see posters in support of same sex marriages.”

The #NotMyPride hashtag is increasing on the groups of community and is also impacting a lot. Post pride everyone expected celebrations, however, what came out was a divided house.

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