In the post-COVID-19 real estate landscape, NRIs are once again scouting for Indian luxury homes. As per a recent report, Mumbai stood at 4th in terms of preference of NRIs.

By Varun Singh

NRIs are back in the real estate market. They are scouting for homes but as per a recent report Mumbai stood at fourth position in terms of preference of NRIs.

As per ANAROCK’s latest consumer survey, at least 73% NRIs now prefer properties priced between Rs 90 lakh to Rs 2.5 Crore. 

The report says that in the pre-COVID survey (H2 2019), just 41% preferred properties within this price bracket – most favoured affordable and mid-segment homes. 3 and 4 BHK options currently top their wish-list.

The IT hubs of Bengaluru (24%) and Pune (19%) are seeing the highest NRI demand.

Collectively, these two cities saw approx. 48,370 homes sold in 2020 – accounting for a 35% sales share among the top 7 cities. 

Top Preferred Cities for Investment
Preferences of NRIs

Prashant Thakur, Director & Head – Research, ANAROCK Property Consultants says, “The COVID-19 pandemic has increased NRIs’ emotional association of long-term security with physical assets. 63% of the polled NRIs state this as their reason for buying homes in India now. They are also driven by the uncertainties posed by COVID-19.”

Prashant Thakur, Director & Head - Research, ANAROCK Property Consultants
Prashant Thakur, Director & Head – Research, ANAROCK Property Consultants

The report states that, of the total 24% survey respondents who already booked properties in the last six months, at least 38% were NRIs looking to make the most of the prevailing market conditions in India, including discounts, offers and lowest-best home loan rates.

“Luxury properties have emerged as a hot favourite with NRIs because of the depreciating rupee value translating into greater buying power, coupled with ongoing developer discounts and offers. A majority of NRIs is buying for end-use, not as investments.”

Prashant Thakur, Director & Head – Research, ANAROCK Property Consultants 

The report states that 86% of the polled NRIs will only consider properties by branded developers who have the highest project completion capabilities, resulting in the lowest execution risk. Another reason for this choice is NRIs’ desire to buy into projects with international-grade amenities.

According to the survey, most of the polled NRIs seeking property in India are aged between 35-45 years of age. Among all NRI respondents who participated in the survey, close to 68% considered real estate as the best asset class for them at this time.

Regarding their outlook on residential property prices, at least 44% respondents felt that prices will remain stable in the short-term (i.e. 12 months), while 27% feel they will increase during the year. Over the long term (i.e. in 5 years), 92% NRI respondents think prices will increase.

Pricing Outlook
 1 year>5 year
Prices will increase27%92%
Can’t say11%0%
Prices will be stable44%6%
Prices will decrease18%2%
Pricing Outlook

According to the survey, at least 67% of the polled NRIs are looking for ready-to-move-in homes. If we consider the overall survey trends (including NRIs and resident Indians) just 29% preferred to buy RTM homes, with another 27% respondents preferring under-construction properties that will be delivered within a year.

Preferred Construction Stage
To be ready in 6 months14%
To be ready within a year9%
Preferred Construction Stage

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