Redevelopment of Worli Koliwada became the centre point of discussion in the village where a hoarding against the public notice came up.

By Varun Singh

While entering Worli Koliwada a huge poster greets you. The poster has in red Jahir Nisedh written in Marathi, which means public protest.

The poster has a picture of the public notice that was issued last week. The content of the public notice read Worli Koliwada Owners Community Welfare Co-Operative Society Ltd, a society registered under the provisions of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 represented by 457 owners of the land within Worli Koliwada, the entire land is inclusive of Owner’s land, land pertaining to Navy and Coast Guard, Foreshore land, Open and enclosed drainage, authorised and unauthorised slums, heritage buffer area, social and public infrastructure standing thereon which are not explicitly mentioned are collectively referred to as the said property.

The notice further read, Worli Koliwada Owners Community Welfare Cooperative Society ltd represented by majority of its owners are in the process of concluding the negotiations for the grand of the development right to MDM realty group as the potential developer for the redevelopment of the property.

The new poster that has come out near Chede Dev Mandir and at the Hanuman Mandir inside the Koliwada raised a total of six points.

This poster has been issued by Hira Kapar Patil Jamat, Gavkari Koli Jamat and Panch, Manik Dharma Patil Jamat Trust and Manik Dharma Patil Grihnirman Sansatha Ltd.

The first point in the poster is a question to the residents of the village, “Have you transferred your house / property rights as per the public notice issued in newspaper dated March 16, 2022?

The second point is, “Have you given the right to develop your home / property to someone else?”

The third point is, “Does anyone who decided to develop have the potential to develop their entire Koliwada? And have you checked it?”

The next point is asking citizens, “Is it appropriate to give a public notice without giving you any idea or trust?”

The other point in the banner is, “If being an owner you haven’t given any rights for the redevelopment of your property to any other person then is right to keep quiet?”

The last point states, that the three Jamat who have come out with the poster have raised their objection for the public notice issued for the redevelopment.

On Friday there was a meeting held by the residents associated with the these jamats. Many residents of Worli Koliwada are sending their objection against the notice.

More meeting against the public notice are expected to take place in the village. Residents allege that they were not taken into confidence before the issuance of the public notice.

Worli Koliwada home to 2,200 residents, who are the legal heirs of the original 457 kolis, and another 9,500 tenants looks all prepared for the redevelopment. Koliwada spread over 65 acres of land 

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