Whom to contact when a building collapses in Mumbai? MHADA has set up a 24-hour control room, which can be contacted in case of a cessed building or a part of it collapses.

By Varun Singh

With the arrival of the monsoon, Mumbai also sees a phenomenon of building collapses.

There hardly would be a year in the last decade when the maximum city hasn’t witnessed a building or a part of it collapse.

And at this particular time, it is difficult or most are unaware of whom to contact.

However, this issue has been solved, as MHADA has come out with numbers that one can contact, in such an emergency situation.

South Mumbai has a lot of old and dilapidated buildings, most of these buildings date pre-independence era.

Of all the old buildings in South Mumbai,14,755 are cessed buildings and are under the ambit of MHADA’s Mumbai Building Repairs & Reconstruction Board (MBRRB).

A recent survey by the officials of this board revealed that there are a total of 21 most high-risk cessed buildings.

Of the 21 buildings, 10 are from the previous year’s list.

Here’s the list of the buildings that MHADA declared as dangerous.
1) Building No. 144, MG Road, A-1163 (from last year’s list)
2) Building No. 133B Babulal Tank Road, Begum Mohammad Chaal,
3) Building No. 54 Umarkhadi, 1st Street Umbrella House,
4) Building No. 101-111, Bara Building Road, (from last year’s list)
5) Building No. 74 Nizam Street, (from last year’s list)
6) Building No. 123, Kika Street (from last year’s list)
7) Building No. 166D Mumbadevi Road, (from last year’s list)
8) Building No. 2-4A, 2nd Bhoiwada Lane,
9) Building No. 42 Masjid Street
10) Building No. 14 Bhandari Street (from last year’s list)
11) Building No. 64-64A Bhandari Street, Mumbai
12) Building No. 1-3-5 Sant Sena Maharaj Marg
13) Building No. 3 Sonapur 2nd Cross Lane
14) Building No. 2-4 Sorabji Santuk Lane,
15) Building No. 387-391, Badam Wadi VP Road (from last year’s list)
16) Building No. 391D Badam Wadi, VP Road (from last year’s list)
17) Building No. 273-281 Falkland Road, D, 2299-2301 (from last year’s list)
18) Building No. 1, Khetwadi 12th Street (D) 2049 (from last year’s list)
19) Building No. 31-C and 33-A Ranganekar Marg and 19 Purandare Marg Girgaon Chowpatty
20) Building No. 104-106 Meghji Building A, B and C Wing, Shivdas Chapasi Marg
21) Building No. 15-19K. K. Route 1-3 Pius Street

These high-risk buildings have a total of 717 residents/tenants, 460 residential, and 257 non-residential. Out of these 193 residential tenants/residents have made their own alternative arrangements elsewhere. So far 20 resident tenants/residents have been relocated to transit camps. Proceedings are underway to evict the remaining 247 tenants/occupants by giving eviction notices.

The Board will instruct the occupants/tenants of these high-risk buildings to vacate the premises as required and make alternative arrangements in the transit camp.

Whom To Contact?
As the control room of the board is working day and night, any danger signs and accidents in the building should be immediately notified to the control room.

MHADA Board control room
Address: Rajni Mahal, 1st Floor, 89-95, Tardeo Road, Tardeo, Mumbai.
Contact numbers – 23536945, 23517423.
Mobile contact number – 9167552112.

Control Room of Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Address: Municipal Headquarters, Fort, Mumbai.
Contact numbers. 22694725/27.

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