Madhuri Dixit around six days ago, rented a flat in Mumbai. The per month rent she’s paying is what many Mumbaikars dream their annual salary would be.

By Varun Singh

Madhuri Shankar Dixit, known for her smile and dance moves is now paying a per month rent that many in Mumbai dream to be their annual salary.

Madhuri Shankar Dixit, on October 26, rented an apartment on the 29th floor of Tower C of Indiabulls Blu.

The apartment rented by Madhuri is for a period of 36 months.

The rent is different for every 12 months.

While I come to the rent that she’s paying, let’s talk about in details of the flats.

The flat as already informed is on the 29th floor of the building Indiabulls located in Lower Parel/Upper Worli area.

Along with the apartment, Madhuri will also have access to 5 covered car parking in the building.

According to the documents provided by Zapkey, the deposit for the apartment that she has rented is Rs 3 crore.

Now coming to the rent she’s paying per month.

So for the first 12 months the per month rent is Rs 12.5 lakh, for the next 12 months it is Rs 13.12 lakh and for the final 12 months it is Rs 13.78 lakh.

Now you must have understood why I said the per month rent is what many in Mumbai or India aspire that it would be their yearly salary.

The rent will escalate 5% every year and then landlord is Kajal Fabiani.

A detailed message sent to Madhuri Dixit seeking her response got us no response.

Before this in Worli in 2018, Virat Kohli had rented an apartment in Raheja Legend for a monthly rent of Rs 15 lakh per month.

In 2020 Hrithik Roshan rented an apartment in Juhu for Rs 8.25 lakh per month.

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