Konkan Board of MHADA has decided that to put 7,500 homes in Lottery. These homes are located in MMR. Read To Know by when the lottery shall be held.

By Varun Singh

Let’s talk about a lottery, this lottery is the one where you win homes.

Heard it right, MHADA has decided to hold a lottery of 7,500 homes soon. 

The lottery will be held by Konkan Board of MHADA

MHADA lottery is for those people who wish to buy a house, but are hestitant because of the prices of private developers.

MHADA homes are cheaper compared to what private developers offer. 

That’s the reason why for a few thousand homes, lakhs of people apply.

Now again MHADA’s Konkan Board has decided to hold a lottery of affordable homes.

Nitin Mahajan, Chief Officer of Konkan Board said, “The lottery process shall begin by March end.”

The homes are located at Thane and Kalyan areas of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. 

In Thane the locations are Bhandarli and Goteghar.

While in Kalyan the homes are located at Shirdone Koni.

“The lottery process shall begin by March end.”

Nitin Mahajan, Chief Officer, Konkan Board

The lottery process that is to begin by March end in most likelihood would mean that the draw shall be held by the start of May. 

These affordable homes are meant for the economically weaker section and the low income group. 

Interestingly in December, housing minister Jitendra Awhad had announced that there will be a MHADA lottery for Mumbai too.

Many in the city and the MMR are eagerly awaiting the lottery process to start so that they can own a house.

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