Of 15239 Real Estate Complaints only these many Resolved

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MahaRERA received a total of 15,239 complaints against registered and unregistered real estate projects. Of this till date it has resolved only these many complaints.

By Varun Singh

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) till date has received a total of 15,239 complaints.

These complaints are against both registered and unregistered real estate projects.

MahaRERA was formed to bring in transparency in the real estate sector.

It started taking complaints of homebuyers against builders who defaulted on possession, or didn’t fulfill the promises made to homebuyers.

The remedy to these solutions were offered by asking the developer to pay interest to the homebuyer or by imposing other penalties.

However, of all the 15,239 complaints received by the authority only 9,841 has been resolved.

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MahaRERA, even started taking complaints against the unregistered projects. Unregistered projects are those where developers who were meant to register their projects with the authority but failed to do so.

The authority received a total of 14,437 complaints against registered projects. Of this orders were passed in 9,067 cases.

MahaRERA received a total of 802 complaints against unregistered real estate projects and orders were passed in 774 complaints.

The authority also started a conciliation forum. Under this 755 Conciliationrequests were received with consent from both parties.

In 676 cases the conciliation was completed while the rest are pending.

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