Parents in cities are of the opinion that they do not mind their kids losing a year than going to school in times of COVID 19.

By Varun Singh

Many parents feel its better to keep their kids at home than send them to school this year.

Even if it means that the kid has to lose a year, most parents do not have a problem with it.

The reason is COVID 19 and its spread. Most parents aren’t sure whether at schools their kids will be safe.

It is not just schools, the entire commute from home to school, and the return journey, everything has worried parents.

Taarika Khedekar, a PR Professional, has decided the she will not send her child to school till Diwali.

She says, “I would personally not send my kid to school as he is really small and does not understand the importance or use of masks. His online school has already begun which is going fine so far despite it being hectic for us parents as we need to juggle between work, housework, and school work. I may not send him until Diwali if the situation doesn’t improve drastically.”

Many parents say they won’t send their kids till the time a vaccine isn’t found for the disease.

Mangal Hanwate a single mom says, “My parents and I have taken a stand that we won’t send our children to school. We do not mind losing a year, for us the kids are important. We won’t send them till the vaccine is found and administered to my twin daughters.”

There are many parents like Hanwate who have decide to keep their children at home, let them study via online medium rather than sending them to schools.

Anita (name changed) is a grandmother of two and has asked her children to not send her grand children to school this year.

“Both my grandchildren – one in primary grade and one in ninth grade attend schools in Thane and King Circle. Looking at current increment in cases, I am not convinced to send them back to their campus after it opens, even though they loose out one year of their educational stint,” she said.

Like many parents even she is waiting for a vaccine to come and post that she shall take a call. She says, “There is absolutely no way that I will be sending my children to school until there is a proven vaccine for COVID-19. There is no way I would ever put my child in danger like that when it can most definitely be avoided. Both the school has best teachers’ and administrators, but they might struggle with keeping the school as clean and sanitized as it needed to be.”

According to a report, Maharashtra government wanted schools to start in June, wherever possible, with proper healthcare.

Post which, many parents decided that they won’t sent their wards to school this year, till there’s some solution to the Coronavirus.

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