Parties which for many in cities has become an integral part of their lives will now take a back seat. People aren’t still sure, whether they want to party in pubs and clubs post lockdown is lifted.

By Varun Singh

In metro cities weekends mostly meant that people would step out and party. Parties had become an important aspect of lives of many.

From millennial to the senior citizens, everyone prefers visiting a club, a pub, or a disco. It use to be the some me-time that people preferred, for themselves along with friends and family.

However, the pandemic because of Coronavirus and the following lockdown has forced many to re-think on whether they will go out post the unlock?

There are many who say, staying at home, calling in friends and spending time with family will be the new parties they would prefer.

“Parties will change, I won’t step out at least for some time now, because I don’t want to go to a place filled with unknown people. Instead I would stay home, call in my friends and have a get together,” says Jayesh Vora.

But for how long will people stay indoors, the temptation might over power someday. However many have fixed a deadline for themselves for now at least.

Ashwin Jain says, “I can never think of attending a crowded club or disco for next 16 months at least. House parties were always a safe option and it will be the best thing to do if everything the opens up.”

The reason behind this Jain says, “You never know the waiter who is serving you or the bouncer who checks you, the chef in the kitchen or the person dancing next to you, anyone can be infected. Think about it before it’s too late, one party can cost you a big amount for lifetime.”

Sentiments of Jain are echoed by many, for example Paramveer Singh, says for him to go clubbing even after everything opens will take a lot of time. “At least three to four months even after every thing is open,” says Singh, when asked when will he visit a pub or a disco.

But as expected many want to stay in the safe confines of their homes. Suraj Gupta says, “I would love a quality time with my friends and family mostly at home or maybe a nice restraunt but not disco or pub.”

He says, “There are two reason first its not safe lots of crowd and second if I am meeting my friends after so long then I want to have a proper meeting and as I said a quality time.”

However, is it possible for people to stay away from the party centre for long? Remember the queues outside the liquor shops in metro cities post they were opened?

While one would argue that they collected alcohol and went back home and drank, but the moment the shops were opened people did throng their.

Meanwhile, there are some who prefer a open air resorts for parties than closed doors when the lockdown is lifted.

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