Dear Homebuyers yes you read it right, your dream home may get delayed further. The reason developers are attributing to the new guidelinnes issued by state government.

By Varun Singh

Buying a home is a dream that almost every one has, people save their entire life to buy their dream home.

However, there’s some bad news that this article might deliver you.

Homebuyers, your dream home may get delayed.

The reason for this delay that developers are attributing to this delay is the new restrictions that the government has put in the state and city.

On Sunday evening, the government of Maharashtra came out with specific guidelines.

These restrictions had measures to be taken by the construction industry too. Of which one of them would cost many homebuyers a heartburn as developers say it would end up delaying projects.

The guidelines mentioned that construction activity to be allowed only on sites where labourers are living on site.

Manju Yagnik, Vice-Chairperson, Nahar Group and Sr. Vice President, NAREDCO, Maharashtra on this says, “The State Government’s decision to continue work on construction sites is welcome, benefitting the industry at large with no exodus of migrant labourers this time as seen in 2020 during the national lockdown. We will surely shelter the laborers on-site and continue work by adhering to the state guidelines amid pandemics and a limited workforce. Also, working at sites will result in income for labourers, which was not the case last year, having left for hometowns to be with the family.

But Yagnik was quick to add, “Projects are not only brick & mortar and involve major backend work like purchase, engineering, architecture, design which will be a challenge if complete work-from-home is imposed, resulting in project delay.”

According to some developers, the current restrictions will slow down the speed of the work.

Aditya Kedia, Managing Director, Transcon Developers says, “The government’s diktat on allowing construction activity only on sites having labour camps will definitely slow down the speed of work. Except for very large sites, most of the construction locations have labourers staying in separate areas and traveling to the site every day. This is because it is challenging to have large-size labour camps at sites, particularly in a congested city like Mumbai. Hence this government rule will definitely have an impact on the progress of construction activity and may cause project delays. Construction time-lines will be disturbed thus indirectly impacting the process of timely project deliveries.”

Others say only large construction sites can house labourers on site not feasible for all projects.

Rohit Garodia, Managing Partner – Pecan Reams, says, “With Mumbai being a congested city, the recently imposed restriction of allowing construction activity only on sites where the labourers stay on site will not be easy to adhere to. Only the very large projects have the ability to house labour camps on site.  Hence, most workers stay in other areas and travel to the construction site every day. The latest government order will have an impact on construction activity and result in project delays depending on how long these rules remain in force.”

Some developers have their labourers staying at site so they won’t face any problems nor their project nor homebuyers.

Ajay Nagar, GM – Construction, Adhiraj Constructions says, “We are adhering to the State Government’s newly announced norms for all construction activities at our project in Navi Mumbai. As all our workers are provided with accommodation and living on the project site, we will not be impacted by the new protocols. We have requested all our staff above the age of 45 to get themselves vaccinated and under the age of 45 years to get their RT-PCR tests done. The movement of all our engineers at the site is unrestricted so that work can continue smoothly. We are taking utmost precautions by routinely monitoring everyone’s temperature. Washbasins have also been placed at convenient locations so that proper hygiene practices are continued to be followed.”

Even Rohan Khatau, Director, CCI Projects Pvt Ltd, developer of Rivali Park says, “We understand that the health and safety of all individuals is of utmost concern with the current spurt in Covid-19 cases. We already have a labour camp at our project site, we would also adhere to the latest directive issued by the Government of Maharashtra.”

Some builders are hopeful that the way they made their way out of the previous lockdown they shall even from this one.

Rohit Poddar, Managing Director, Poddar Housing and Development LTD. says, “The impact of the second wave on real estate is yet to assessed but with the new guidelines, we will repeat the precautionary measures undertaken from last year to ensure the safety of the onsite workers.  An onsite vaccination drive has been initiated along with a series of COVID tests that will largely help in safeguarding the health of the workers and onsite personnel. Additionally, an onsite kitchen has been established for workers to provide adequate nutrition to them so that they can handle the second wave. We made through the first lockdown and hope to make it through this one as well. As companies have begun to recalibrate their approach to sustain the operations during such tough times through a contingency plan, we will be better prepared.”

While some developers are hopeful, some aren’t at the end if the project gets delayed the homebuyers shall suffer.

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