Physical registration of leave and license has been stopped by the stamp duty office till end of July 2020. Option of e-registration available, this to battle Covid 19.

By Varun Singh

The stamp duty office has come out with a circular which has stopped physical registration of leave and license. The same circular says that option of e-registration of these documents available.

The circular has been issued by the Inspector General of Maharashtra for Registration and Stamps.

The circular talks about various steps being taken by the department to overcome the Covid 19 situation in the state of Maharashtra.

Apart from physical registration of leave and license till end of July 2020. The circular also has stopped physical registration of notice of intimation from May 20, till end of July 2020.

The option of e-registration shall be available for notice of intimation like the one available for leave and license.

Till June 2020, registration of not very important documents will be stopped in offices where more than 3000 documents are registered annually. This clause shall not be applicable for documents of which period will lapse within the above mentioned time frame.

Only in the month of April 2020, a mere 21 leave and license agreement was registered. From which a revenue of Rs 39,617.

In the month of March 12,907 leave and license documents were registered via e-registration in Mumbai. While 2,835 documents of leave and license were registered via physical registration in Mumbai. While via physical registration the revenue earned stands at Rs 4.43 crore, the same for e-registration stood at Rs 1.91 crore.

Several restrictions have been imposed on citizens who would come for mere enquiry at the stamp duty and registration office. Every individual has been also advised to get their own pen during the registration and wearing of mask has been made compulsory while visiting the registration office too.

The circular says that hand sanitizer, soap and water shall be made available to people coming for the physical registration at the offices.

Those entering the registration offices shall be allowed to carry only documents, no bags and purse shall be allowed either.

Stamp duty collection is one of the biggest source of revenue for the state government and a lot of people still visit the offices for physical registration, these steps will be of help for the government to counter the deadly Coronavirus.

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