Shutdown Impacts Renovation & Interior Work In City

Shutdown Impacts Renovation & Interior Work In City
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Shutdown of non essential shops has impacted the ongoing renovation and interior works in the city.

By Varun Singh

Shutdown of non essential shops even in weekdays has left many ongoing renovation and interior works in a lurch.

With shutdown in place, shops that supply materials, like ceramic, wood, hardware and others had to pull down their shutters.

Because of which many ongoing renovation and interior works have been impacted.

Salammudin Khan takes wooden work contract for offices and homes. He says since the shutdown came in force, he is facing shortage of almost every material needed.

“On Tuesday I got material for some of the projects that I have undertaken, but most shops now have down their shutter and getting material to complete the work is a task now. The shutdown is impacting my work hard,” said Khan.

Not just Khan but almost every other contractor associated with the works related to renovation and interiors is facing some or other problem.

However, some were smart enough to overcome even the shutdown.

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Ranganath Jadhav, an interior designer, who is overlooking an office renovation work, says, that the moment on Tuesday, shutdown was visible, he got almost every material required for the office.

“Between Monday and Tuesday (before the shops were shut) we ordered and got the material transported to the office,” said Jadhav.

Not all were lucky like Jadhav, another person carrying out the renovation of his house is facing a problem in getting materials.

“I had ordered materials, but then, couldn’t get it to my home, because

Meanwhile, developers have started RTCPR test of construction workers at the site. One such test was conducted by Nahar group at one of their projects in Chandivali.

Developers across the state are bound to carry out tests for their construction workers and for those eligible for vaccine to be vaccinated.

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