Alia Bhatt paid Rs 13.11 crore for a 2,300 sq ft apartment

By Varun Singh

Actor Alia Bhatt, recently bought a property in Juhu, she paid Rs 13.11 crore for the 2,300 sq ft apartment. The actress paid almost double the ready reckoner rate of the apartment, which stands at Rs 7.86 crore. The flat is on the first floor of building named GiGi apartments located inside the Silver Beach Estate. 

The property was registered with the sub registrar’s office in Andheri on January 9 this year. While the seller is Rushang Shah, director of Shimnit Finance and Investments Pvt Ltd. The buyer is Eternal Sunshine Production’s Pvt Ltd, of which actor Alia Bhatt is the director. The registration document accessed has Bhatt’s name in it.

Ready Reckoner rate is the rate decided by the state government annually for properties across the state, based on which it collected stamp duty. However, if the property purchased is at a higher rate than that of the ready reckoner it collects stamp duty according to the higher rate. 

Thus Bhatt, ended up paying a stamp duty of Rs 65.55 lakh for her purchase of the property in Juhu. Bhatt already is a Juhu resident, what she plans to do with her new purchase isn’t yet known. Along with the flat Bhatt also has received two open car parks. 

In 2015, Bhatt had bought two properties on the second floor of the building from Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher for Rs 5.16 crore and Rs 3,83 crore respectively. Even then she had paid more than the ready reckoner rate. These two flats were on the second floor of the building. 

According to a property dealer, the area where Bhatt has bought the property is a star studded area and very few apartments are available in this location.

“There’s a premium attached to these properties and going by the rate, actually speaking the price that Bhatt paid for this property isn’t very high. Look at this building in which she bought the flat, it’s like a private property with an exclusive entry too. This is what a celebrity would like to invest in. One of the best locations in Juhu that is what this property is all about and there’s hardly any surprise that she had to pay this amount for the flat,” said the property dealer.

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